Avoid Suspension by taking the school option.

If you do not elect the school option this is what you have to look forward to.
Source Document: Florida Driver Handbook, Chapter 2

Every driver who gets a license must drive safely to keep it. If you break the traffic laws or become an unsafe driver, your license can be taken away. It can be suspended, revoked, or canceled.  When your license is suspended, it is temporarily taken away.

Your license can be suspended if you:

Point System

Violation Points
Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in property damage of more than $50 6
Unlawful speed resulting in an accident  6
Reckless driving 4
Any moving violation resulting in an accident  4
Passing a stopped school bus 4
Driving During Restricted Hours 4
Unlawful speed - 16 MPH or more over lawful or posted speed 4
Unlawful speed - 15 MPH or less over lawful or posted speed 3
All other moving violations (including parking on highway outside the limits of municipalities) 3
Improper equipment or vehicle in an unsafe condition 2
(Operator corrects defects within 10 days from the date the traffic citation was issued) 0
The driver receives the same number of points listed if the conviction occurs out-of-state or in a federal court.

Length of Suspension

1. Total of 12 points within a 12-month period  30 days
2. Total of 18 points within an 18-month period,including points which cause suspension under No.1 above 90 days
3. Total of 24 points within a 36-month period, including points which cause suspension under No. 2 above 1 year
In computing points and suspensions, the offense dates of all convictions are used.  Three points will be deducted from the driver record of any person whose driving privilege has been suspended only once under the point system and has been reinstated, if such person has complied with all other requirements.

Effective October 1, 1996, the law provides for restriction of driving privileges for drivers under 18 years of age with a Class D or E license based on the accumulation of 6 or more points. You will be issued a license for business purposes only for one year.