Your Options

Basically you have three options:
    1)  Pay the fine in full.  Take the points and plead guilty to the offense.
    2)  Elect a court hearing.  Possibly take the point, pay the full fine and be found guilty of the offense.  Plus be required to take the school anyway.
   3)  Elect the school option.  Pay a reduced fine (-18%),  No points are assessed,  Adjudication is withheld (you're not found guilty of the offense)

Take a look at an actual ticket and see your options for yourself. Notice at the bottom of the ticket a small paragraph about possible insurance penalties.

To take the school option most courts require the offender to sign an affidavit before taking the class. Be sure to contact the courthouse in the county which you received your ticket. Frequently the rules between courthouses vary.

The following links are provided to help you contact your traffic court.

Courthouse List