Here are the Benefits

 The State of Florida encourages you to take the school option.

The following benefits can help you save money and maintain your clean driver license record.

1. No Insurance Penalty as per FS 626.9541 (0) (12)
   Florida law does not allow for an increase in your insurance cost.
    "No insurer shall impose or request an additional premium, cancel a policy, or issue a non renewal notice on any insurance police or contract because of any traffic infraction when adjudication has been withheld and no points have been assessed pursuant to S.318.14 (9) and (10).  However, this subparagraph does not apply to traffic infractions involving accidents in which the insurer has incurred a loss do to the fault of the insured."

2. No points are added to your DHSMV driving record

3. Adjudication is withheld.  (You are not found guilty of the offense)

4. Current Safe Driver status is retained.

The above benefits have long lasting effects too.  You never know when your going to get a ticket.  Points can add up and you could get dangerously close to suspension.  Your city may not have mass transit which means without a license, your walking.  Also if you ever apply for a job or position which includes driving as part of the job, your clean driving record could be the key that gets you the job over someone with numerous tickets or a suspension.  Keep your license clean by taking this fun and informative 4 hour class and get your certificate the same day.

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